Let’s See Why IceWarp is the Best?


IceWarp was known as Marek Mail Server previously. It is a commercial mail server and client based groupware which is available for both Windows and Linux platform. Right now 60000+ companies are using IceWarp worldwide.

Web Apps

IceWarp provides lots of web apps which makes it a complete business suit. It has lots of apps including Calendar management, online document editing, Real time team chat, Email management, Video calling, Voice search and many more. IceWarp can be deployed in third party servers as well as its own cloud servers.

Let’s look at some functions of IceWarp apps.

Web interface which provides Desktop-like comfort

Email forwarding / Auto email responder / Bulk email sender / Mailing lists

Robust real-time security

Smart attach with de-duplication function

Fully customized Calendar and Contacts

Cloud Storage Management

IceWarp provides a very secured & complete storage solution for your business. You can create and format all of your documents, you can version them and you can also share them very quickly with your team. IceWarp is compatible with all type of file formats and you can edit them in real time. IceWarp cloud also provides printing support for your documents.

Chat Support

IceWarp provides real time chat collaboration function for your team. It has interactive schedule system to arrange chat meetings and all. IceWarp also offers document sharing in Real time chat function. Your employees can share documents, add comments on it and also add external members to join and access documents.

Office Suit

It offers the best desktop office suit for your business including Client, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations where you can view, create and edit all the documents in common Microsoft Office formats. IceWarp even lets you use more than one account at a time and connect with various email services like Gmail & Rediffmail.

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