What Are The Benefits of Using Power BI?

power bi

Microsoft provides a robust cloud based analysis service to collaborate with SharePoint, Its called Power BI. All the Power BI users can stay connected with large amounts of information through accessible dashboards, reports and graphs which help them use the data faster than old bar and pie charts.

We have seen it many times that strategic planning is key to run a successful business, allowing you to come up with the exact business models and, in the long run, it flourishes your business. BI known as Business Intelligence over the years has played a pivotal role when it comes to strategic planning. It is a tool which allows the company to gather, access, store and analyze data ultimately improving decision making that drives results. There are a number of companies offering different applications of BI to make faster and smarter decisions. In recent times, Microsoft has upped its game with a makeover of its Microsoft Power BI tools. The Microsoft Power BI promises to help you to bring your data to life. The crucial functions delivered by Power BI include Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Mobile BI Viewer, Power Query, Data Management Gateway and Q&A.

Power BI will be compelling mostly due to the collection of integrated functionality it provides. Normally, combining such a comprehensive system on-premises would take most customers weeks or months. In the case of Office 365 and Windows Azure, Power BI instances will deploy in days, not weeks, and future infrastructure upgrades will be left to Microsoft, freeing in-house resources to disrupt only the application layer.

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