Why Angular is One of The Easiest Framework?


Angular has its own importance in the programming world. It’s not only useful for websites, it’s also useful in cross-platform application development because some cross platforms are built with an ionic framework that is based on Angular. Angular is very easy to use because it’s based on just HTML and JavaScript.

Angular is very popular when it comes to building one-page websites. It’s easy to build one-page websites with Angular because it uses HTML code for the front-end which is known to almost every developer in this world. You can use HTML as a template language and build robust dynamic web apps without relying on third-party libraries in Angular.

Let’s look at some reasons why Angular is very popular nowadays.

The organization of the code into modules is very easy which makes the code cleaner.

The Addition, updation and replacement of the modules are very easy.

The codes are written in JavaScript which is reusable; this makes the maintenance work well-organized.

Plug-ins can be easily installed in the already developed projects.

Third-party libraries can be wrapped easily.

Custom features can be added easily.

The Server load is reduced with the Angular.JS development because of the MVC pattern

Angular is very good at handling RESTful APIs

.Angular is supported by Google so you can be sure about getting long-term support from Google.

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