What Are The Features of Laravel? 


The versatility and user-friendliness makes Laravel a well-known server-side programming language. Laravel brings dexterity and scalability in the development procedure. In addition, code maintenance in this framework is very less demanding & is significantly more secure.

It is rightly called as the framework for the web application developers due to its exquisite and radiant syntax. It makes web application development more comprehensible by effectively managing the authentication, routing, sessions as well as the caching processes. Likewise, it encourages unit testing and has an incredibly fast and lightweight template engine named as Blade.

Laravel’s spryness and predominant features have been consistently voted as the prevalent framework by most of the dedicated PHP developers.

The framework functionality and usefulness can be effectively upgraded through extensions. In such a manner, Laravel is certainly the best decision. The Laravel packages directory incorporates more than 9000 bundles. The high number of packages expands Laravel’s degree and features.

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