Why Node JS is Best For Your Web Backend?

node js

Node.JS answers all the development concerns of developers and enterprises who require the complicated and secure app. Enterprise now gives more weight to utility, Node.JS is the most suitable option for the need of a highly performing and lightweight framework.

Robust Database: Node.JS is based on JavaScript and JavaScript engine V8 of Google Chrome for which it is upgrading swiftly. Node.JS is the best in database queries as it simply gets mixed with the new database in the technology market.

Lightning Fast Output: In various server-side languages, it was found that establishing concurrency was difficult as applications performed poorly. Node.JS has a non-blocking I/O API and an event-driven architecture which makes the applications created on it scalable and throughput optimized. In Node.JS event loops exist instead of threads and processes, so there is no slowing down of the process and works at a lightning fast speed.

Omni-present: Node.JS being a scalable, secure runtime environment and well-maintained development framework fits well for enterprise app development. One of the highest advantageous features of Node.JS which makes it a developer’s choice is that the applications can be written here on both server and browser-side. In this case, if in future, the developer wishes to migrate the browser-built logic to the server then Node.JS offers simple code migration.

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