Why Symfony is Very Popular Framework?


Symfony framework was launched in 2005. It was the first of frameworks which used to support PHP 5.3 and it also has a large community of its users and they are also contributing a lot. It has over 1600 bundles to use as the full stack framework.

Why should we choose Symfony ?

Flexible Architecture: Symfony is empowered by MVC and so it enables users to filter the logic from the user interface whenever they want to make changes. It also helps make testing very easier.

Innovation: Symfony is a very flexible framework with very good speed. It has many reusable components which makes it one of the best frameworks. Symfony’s community members keep adding new materials which is very helpful for all the developers.

Easy Maintenance: You can build robust and totally customizable applications in the Symfony framework. Developers have full control over its configuration so they can customise anything easily. Symfony has large collection of tools which can help developers to test, debug and document whole development process to match project specifications

Resources: Symfony gives full authority to developers to control the configuration, from the directory structures to foreign libraries. By using Symfony, developers can shorten project completion time and it also helps in automating every small task of a web application.

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