What is SuiteCRM?

suite crm

 It is the open source platform which started in 2013. It has all the functionality which are associated with the big companies of the market like Salesforce, Dynamics, and Oracle. SuiteCRM has achieved constant adoption in all market fields and it helps all types of business grow faster from small size startup to some of largest brands.

How SuiteCRM Helps Your Company?

SuiteCRM is OpenSource CRM for the World to help all size of companies to manage their business effectively. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is very easy important part of any business to increase business sales and get an overview of the whole business. It helps you to manage your business leads, opportunities, accounts etc.

Today’s expeditious development of the corporate business world and trend of the company-customer relationship has reached a new level. However, CRM applications are best solutions to help companies efficiently manage customer relationships and stay focused.

Due to the diversity of platforms on the CRM market, it’s getting tougher to look for a perfect system to satisfy the business need and suits your budget.

  • SuiteCRM is a customizable CRM solution which gives more functionality when compare it with different platforms like Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, SugarCRM & Microsoft Dynamics. More importantly, its Open source and totally free.
  • There is common agreement that SuiteCRM is a game-changing tool that can help your company grow faster and work smarter.
  • The SuiteCRM platform has lots of modules added. SuiteCRM offers many functions like sales, marketing, and support automation options and also the simple collaborations between the different departments.

SuiteCRM is the answer to grow your business when you need a budget solution for your small, medium-sized or enterprise business.

It integrates into your business as you needed in your business. Unlike the paid solution from top CRM like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics.

The SuiteCRM can be the right choice for you when you want your business customized and have unlimited users, customizations, and host in your own cloud or public cloud Hosting.

SuiteCRM OpenSource CRM

Let’s See Other Functions Of SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM have various modules to get your business sales growth. Their Standard modules are below and it’s continuously growing…

Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, Quotes, Calendar, Documents, Emails, Spots, Campaigns, Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Targets, Target Lists, Project Templates, Events, Locations, Products, Product Categories, PDF Templates, Maps, Map Markers, Map Areas, Reports, Workflow, Knowledge Base, KB Categories, Invoices, Email Templates and projects.

Let’s have a look at its sales and marketing roles.

  • SuiteCRM Sales: In SuiteCRM you can watch your all leads. It grants you to find new chances and get your deal done more quickly. You can easily increase numbers in your pipeline and get more income.
  • SuiteCRM Marketing: In SuiteCRM you can run different campaigns, create mail sending list and send to all. Setup automatic marketing tasks and get all results in reports. By focusing on your service or product you can also grow your interest towards better leads and get more sales.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions (AIS Perth) has the team of experts who can perform startup tasks of SuiteCRM. So whenever you think about CRM just contact us for free counseling we can help any size of business to implement the SuiteCRM, Migrate to SuiteCRM, and Customize SuiteCRM as per your business needs.

SuiteCRM 8 is out to try for your organisation.

Please use the following demo link to try out the SuiteCRM 8.


User: admin

Pass: CRM4World22!$!

Let us know if you have any further questions or queries for the SuiteCRM 8 version. We are happy to assist you further.

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