Why vtiger is Considered as Best Low Cost CRM ?


If your business is at its initial stages and has limited financial support to maximize the strength of human resources for administrative work, then vTiger CRM system will help you to operate your business systematically. This open source CRM application stands ultimate to manage the workflow within small and medium enterprises. By using it, you can effectively deal with various activities including sales and marketing, customer requests, on-going demand of products/services, productive work within the organization and lots more. All you have to do is to install vTiger CRM on your private computer network and train your employees with this resourceful application.

Now, before installing this open source customer relationship management system into your network, if you want to grab some more information about it then have a look at the following advantages of using vTiger CRM:

1. Includes modules for automation of sales-related activities like tracking orders, monitoring inventory, leads, business opportunity etc.

2. Enhances customer relationships by providing modules for managing contact details of the customers, attachment of files, e-mail notifications and lots more.

3. Automate marketing activities by providing mailing lists, mail merge templates and e-mail systems.

4. Enables easy control on the information of products/services including price, vendors’ details, purchase orders and invoices.

5. Integrates easily with Microsoft plug-ins so as to improve work-flow and communication within a common infrastructure.

6. Provides add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and web browsers like Mozilla, Thunderbird etc.

7. Loads faster in comparison to other CRM systems such as Sugar Suite CRM.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions provides vTiger CRM development with fully customized functionality as per your business requirements. Our team is able to convert your creative business ideas into CRM Functions and also to follow the latest trends.

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