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What Is Cloud Migration?

When you move your Website, Mobile App or any type of software which you are using to handle your digital operations to cloud environment, it’s called cloud migration. If you want to understand it in simple language, it is like moving your business from old small office to a big comfortable office with lots of facilities. Cloud migration needs a lot of preparation work which can be very hectic but once it’s done you will feel that it was really worth investing and waiting.

There is more than one type of cloud migrations. First is migrating from local device, second is migrating from legacy to the cloud and last is migrating your apps from one cloud to another.

What are the benefits of Cloud Migration?

1: Scalable Servers

When you migrate your app to cloud server it will provide you fully scalable environment. You won’t even need to pay for unused data and space. You can always increase or reduce your cloud resources as your business need.

2: Affordable Service

When you choose the best migration strategy, It will reduce your costing for sure. Your local or web servers always needs maintenance and support but cloud server eliminates all of them.

3: Remote Access

Cloud server provides remote accessibility. You can access your all of data and documents from any location and device. This will allow your employees to work more effectively without their physical presence at office.

4: Data Security

Many of the Cloud storage providers’ uses highly secured servers for data storage which will keep you safe from hacking, fata theft and unauthorized access. Most Cloud storage provides end to end encryption which prevents data breach so you can stay stress free when it comes to security of your important data.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions is partner of all the popular Cloud service providers. We will suggest you the best and affordable solution for your cloud migration process.

Why Choose AIS for Cloud Migration?

1] Knowledge: AIS is well-versed in cloud migration having implemented numerous cloud migrations. We will ensure that the transfer goes smoothly and benefits your company. 

2] Tailored Solutions: Since every company is unique, we provide customized cloud relocation services that are tailored to your specific requirements. 

3] Simple Integration: You won’t experience any disruptions or downtime because our team will integrate your existing systems and data into the cloud seamlessly. 

4] Security: We have your data covered. When transferring your data to the cloud, we take extra precautions to keep it safe. 

5] Savings: With affordable solutions that don’t compromise on quality, we want to offer you the best value for your money. 

6] Assistance Whenever You Need It: We guarantee a seamless cloud migration by being available to you at every turn. 

7] Excellent Resources: To make your transition to the cloud as simple and effective as possible, we make use of the best resources available. 

8] Proven Results: You can rely on AIS to complete the task correctly because we have a track record of successfully implementing cloud migrations for companies of all sizes. 

9] Expansion Alongside You: Our cloud moving services are made to expand along with your business to ensure that you’re always prepared for any challenges that may arise. 

10] Preparing for the Future: Using AIS to migrate to the cloud indicates your readiness for it. Maintaining an advantage over competitors is possible with access to cutting-edge technology. 

You can watch your business take off in the cloud when you choose AIS for dependable, effective, and reasonably priced cloud moving services.

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