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What are Web Development Services?

Web Development is a process of utilizing web design with codes and functionalities to output as a full website for end users for intranet or internet. Web Development consist of many tasks like Web Design, Web Development, Client-Server side scripting and required network configuration. Aarchi Infotech Solutions is leading Web Development company in Perth to SMEs and Corporate clients.

Web Development can be done with various technologies like CMSs, Website Builders, Pure Coding in many languages like. Net, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python etc. Web Development totally depends on following key points before we can select a technology for your next project with Aarchi Infotech Solutions.

  • Project Scope
  • How scalable would be the project in future?
  • How variant is the project is in future?
  • How many core functionalities required?
  • How robust is project has to be?
  • What type of backend is required for content updating?
  • What type of regular updates required?
  • What type of core security features required?

Aarchi Infotech Solutions uses excellent web development services for all its client’s projects. We use great Open Source & Close Source Technologies for your web development. Our expertise includes Core PHP with MVC, WordPress, PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Magento, AngularJS, Java, Microsoft. NET and Ruby on Rails. We can also develop a website with good functionalities on Shopify, Wix, Weebly or any other website builders out there. We can also do your own custom system development like making your own CMS for specially for your own project.

Our Web Development; process is simple as below.

Website Analysis

Web Analysis includes wide range of analysis which includes what you do in your business and what kind of activities you do to your tasks. We make sure we can tell the right story to end user with implementing your business carbon copy to your website with professional design and secure development. Aarchi Infotech Solutions will study your business thoroughly and see the target audience and requirements.

Website Planning

Once the Web Analysis and Web Planning is done we start actual core development in local or staging servers which gives you ability to check ongoing development as we go. Our demo servers are always available and shows you the development process without hiding anything. Once the demo is presentable we upload your content to Demo Server and ask for necessary feedback to go further.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions takes security and scalability very seriously as we want to make sure we have not missed any core features or security loops for developing your project.

Staging core Devopment

Web Planning is another main factor before deciding to the development. In Web Planning our experts will see

  • Which technologies can be used and what kind of projects requirements is ?
  • How scalable is the project in future?
  • What are the main functions of the projects ?
  • What kind of backend and content editing features required ?

Testing , Re- Testing & Delivery of the Website

Final stage for Web Development is Testing, Re-Testing & Delivery of the project. Aarchi Infotech Solutions provides full attention and enough importance regardless of project size or price. Our team make sure all the bugs fixed ,We make sure your project is agreed as per the quality testing procedures and strict coding guidelines followed for any technology used for that project. Our aim to do testing and re-testing is to give final output as you imagined and beyond your expectations.

Once the project is fully tested and agreed by the client as per their requirements Aarchi Infotech Solutions can deliver the website for their Cloud Hosting platform if the client has taken hosting plan or can give them codes or help them to host the website on their own platform.

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