How to get success globally with your ecommerce website

The internet has influenced every aspect of human existence, as it has brought people closer together. Besides changing interpersonal communication, it has also changed the way business is done. E-commerce sellers have a bigger reach now, with global markets inviting them to capture huge slices of revenue like never before. Buyers across international boundaries can access the online stores through e-commerce websites and mobile apps and make purchases without any limitations. Research conducted by eMarketer has predicted that global e-commerce sales figures are going to reach a whopping $ 6 trillion by 2023. Despite these impressive growth figures, there are some challenges that sellers face while exploring international markets. However, they can gear up for the transition by adopting some effective strategies as a part of their core business plan.

Start By Researching New Market

Before beginning with full-fledged marketing in a new business territory, it is better to do some research. You should gather data regarding the demand, competition, and legal implications of doing business in the new markets. The research will serve the purpose of focusing your resources and marketing efforts at the right places rather than dumping them in the markets that are less likely to respond.

Create a Multi-language Supported Website

The best way to attract international customers to your online store is to speak their language. You can hire ecommerce developers from Aarchi Infotech Solutions to create a multilingual store, where all the content is localized for diverse markets. The functionality can be added in the form of a drop-down menu that enables the visitor to select a language of their choice. The store would then auto-translate the entire content into the chosen language. You can also win trust of your customers by providing them customer support in their local language

Create Effective Marketing Campaign

An effective marketing campaign for your targeted region gives your business an international edge. You need to familiarize yourself with sales opportunities and avail their benefits by molding your marketing plan accordingly. For instance, Diwali is the big selling time in India, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are its North American counterparts. Working on tailor-made marketing strategies can help you make the best of these selling opportunities.

Find the Preferred Modes of Payment

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment by international buyers is that they are unable to make payments in their preferred mode. Therefore, it is important to find out the preferred modes of payments once you have identified the targeted markets. These modes may range from mobile payments to credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and more. Incorporation of currency conversion feature also makes things easier for the buyer.

Procure the Right Payment Gateways

Another strategy that has to be adopted for a seamless transition from local to global is the procurement of the right payment gateways. These should be equipped to handle secure international transactions as well as multiple currencies. You would need to study the ones that work for specific countries and have them integrated into your e-commerce store.

Managing International Shipping

After the order is placed, shipping is the next important phase of the transaction. If you want to cater to international buyers, enlist a shipping service which is reliable, cost-effective, and offers optimal delivery speed. You can win over the customer’s trust by giving them a fair idea about shipping costs and delivery time on the website. Providing them the ability to look up the international tracking status would be another plus-point.

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