Why is Android App Development gaining more popularity?

The Android app development market is at its peak in 2022. It’s growing at a very good pace right now. Since Android development has started, it has never seen downside because it has a large user base around the globe. Apps which are developed in android platform are getting more recognition compared to other technologies so most of the business owners are getting attracted towards Android application development.

Android is one of the most popular Opensource framework used by developers to build mobile apps and that’s why mobile app development market is dominated by Android platform. So we can say that android app development is the open door for lots of opportunities for mobile app developers to build their career as well as business owners and marketing agencies.

Android app development is the first choice platform for businesses who want to grow their presence over the internet to build a large client base which will eventually earn them a huge profit. Android apps are the best way to engage directly with customers across the globe to increase sales and brand awareness too.

Easy to Use

Compared to other platforms or operating systems like iOS and Windows, Android is more easy to use. Android OS has lots of user-friendly features so every common-man can learn and use it. Android OS offers a very simple interface to smartphone users and that’s why it’s number one in the current market.

Android is Cost Effective Platform

Making android devices is very affordable because most of the hardware components are easily available and are very less expensive so that’s why android devices are less costly compared to iPhone devices. And we are not talking about just phones; even building android apps is very affordable if you compare with iOS App development.

Easy App Development

Android app development is easy and also time saving because android app’s working model is simpler compared to iOS. Android platform is built on Java programming language and it’s one of the easiest languages available in the market. Java has a large collection of libraries which helps in development and also lots of easy to use tools which makes Android app development very quick and effective.

Better Security

Android platform offers very high-end security which makes all the apps completely secure and it also helps protecting the apps when it comes to viruses and malwares. So the high-end security and reliability are some of the best features of the Android platform.

Ecommerce Support

The Android platform provides very detailed support for ecommerce apps. There are lots of tools available to build ecommerce apps which helps in increasing functionalities of your ecommerce app. You can also add lots of globally popular payment gateways to accept payment from any corner of the world. The Android app also provides other features like shipment tracking, order / refund management and traffic analysis as well. So with all these features, you can provide the best shopping experience to your customers.

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