Learning Web Development is always a big advantage in your career. Even if you just learn basic Web Development, it will be very much useful to you. With this article we are going to show you all the things you need to learn when you start learning Web Development. So it will be like a short roadmap for you.

We can also teach you in details but that cannot be done in one article so let’s just talk about basic stuff for now, which you need to know and learn first.


The most effective way to learn Web Development is to start with these things. You can make a simple website with these 3 technologies. HTML is to define contents of the whole website. CSS give it a better and arranged look. While Java Scripts let you manipulate some elements.


After learning basic Kinds of Stuff, here comes some Frameworks. These are the tools which let you build the whole website in a very easy way. Some of them even have drag and drop functions too. So it can be done very quickly. So i always recommend using frameworks more than regular languages of Web Development because it gives you fast and accurate results. Also it will give you lots of practice too. So start using frameworks earliest when u start Web Development to get quick knowledge and not to waste time.

Bootstrap & JQuery:

This is one of sub-framework of CSS. Which gives you some simply editable elements. It also lets you build a responsive website very quickly which can run on every device. Because of these qualities, bootstrap is one of most famous web development tool. JQuery is the framework of javascript. It allows manipulation of web elements in the very easy way.It has lots of plugins for a different purpose. So whenever you want to do something with any element you can do that with JQuery.It’s also very easy because if you get any problem with Jquery you can go online community for solutions.


Any discussion about Web Development cannot be finished without mentioning WordPress. Because WordPress is the most famous CMS of web development field. Even if you are not a technical person you can just watch few videos about WordPress and set up your normal website. It has lots of themes and infinite plugins to make your web development very much easier.

Once you learn all this, the final step will be learning about domain and hosting. Domain and hosting can be purchased from many online vendors but we prefer Aarchi Infotech Solutions for that. AIS provides cloud hosting service which is very fast than others so it will never let your website down.

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