What is Responsive Web Design?

Web Design responsive is an approach to Website Development aimed at developing sites to provide an attractive viewing and interactive experience, it is easy to read and has navigate with a minimum of resizing, scrolling and panning —across a wide range of devices either desktops or mobile tablets.

Website Design should be Responsive has become a very key part of Website Development over the last few years and highly recommend that your Website is fully responsive.

Here an example shows what a responsive website design can look like, as you can see the website design is adjustable to various screen size and device it is being viewed from.

Why does my website need Responsive Web Design?

Most Viewers use tablet or mobile devices to view your website and if it’s fully responsive design then will be able to view your website without issues at all. If your Website is not responsive, most of the user probably will close after viewing your first page because it becomes not user friendly and time consuming to scroll in-out, click on links and reading the contents. On other side due to responsive Website you may find increase in your inquiries and views.

Responsive Website Design and SEO

It May be you don’t know that SEO would be affected by the Website design and content but responsive design is certainly an exception. Google engine preferences for website that that have responsive website design over who have mobile template and separate domains. It may be possible that searcher may have their search result chronically which directs them to website that unsuitable for viewing and necessary page redirects with the search engine. The Responsive Design of your Website removes this kind of hurdle completely.

Responsive Website design easy to manage

If your website is responsive, it will adapt to each device, give the relevant layout and content that meets the best users’ needs. It also better for your business will only have one site to manage that means you only have to update content one time and how different people consume your content.

How can we check if my website Design is Responsive?

The easiest way to check if my website Design is responsive is to open your Website using a browser taking your mouse to the bottom right corner in browser window and dragging it from bottom right to left. As you do your website should adjust to the new screen size as you are changing to as you make the browser window smaller.

You will see an arrow on the image which shows where you place your cursor to move your browser screen in and out to test the responsive level of your website.

If You Find Your Website Design is not Responsive then feel free to get in touch to get help, we will be there to advise you what will be best for your website. Aarchi Infotech Solutions develop web design perth that reflect the way we do business professional, fast, simple to use, and generating results. We do not believe in making client fit to particular box or solution, we believe in box fits the client.