Web Design is different from the skill of web designer to pure web designing. The reason is simple: we have to ensure search engines can index and read your website easily such as Google. Essentially websites are a balancing of factors all of which are not attainable at the same time between purely graphic and need to ensure your website can be found. Too much graphic and great looking website which no one can find. Too much technical details on your website that is founded in search engines which no one likes. Thus the moral is Your Website needs trade-off between web design and technical content.

Designing is a very important part of web development. It shows the flow of your website which will be visible to the users visiting your website. As we like to look good in real life. Our website should also look good to attract more visitors that leads to increasing our business. The money that you invest in your website can be easily recovered with a good website that brings profits over the time.

Making a design unique is also important. A website represents an image of your brand so make sure you have the website designed that gives a good image of trust and reliability to the customers when they visit your website.


Your website needs to be designed in such a way that website development is suitable for it. We feel happy that makes the website attractive to corresponding customers and has all technical “smarts” to make website success.

Different Types of Websites To Suit all Types of Businesses

We develop and design a wide range of websites to suit the needs of clients. Whether they want to display just a page, Info-pages, E-commerce website, Custom CMS Development, Software or Content management system, we develop and design all.

Creative Web Design and Google

We think that as a business owner you have the right to know that relation between web design and Google.

Regarding website design, Google cannot read the following:-

Websites with Flash– Google does not make sense whether your website looks artistic or pretty. Some flashed ads are added to websites to show videos and animation to viewers. But the website with the most flash makes it very difficult to find in search results unless it becomes highly popular and has many websites kinking back to your website.

Videos– Video may be important as part of your website but if your website or page is video oriented only then Google only crawls the name of all videos as indication not as content.

Website Images – Image is an important part of web design that is used to represent your things in a website. We use “alt tag” to give info to Google that what picture is about but it may not represent its beauty.

Layout – The layout of the website is very important. All the contents and images should look aligned so that they give a professional look.

Theme – Theme should be consistent throughout the website which gives the same look and feel on all the pages which will be clean and simple.

Fonts – Keep the same font style in your website in all the contents too. Only the sizing should change accordingly

Views Creative Web Design and what Google Views

Every page of the website is stored and indexed in Google. Google search engines always crawl the internet constantly and it ranks each individual page in place of the whole website. Thus it is most important that you need to ensure that every page is properly “tagged” so that it can be indexed and stored in a format that gives search results when people type phrases on Google’s search box.


As a web designer, you should ensure that every page of a website is individually tagged for a particular topic. Flowing things that should be take care:

  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Keyword Tags
  • Alt Tags of Images
  • H1-H6 Tags
  • Keywords in your Text

Sometimes designers put the same tag on every page during designing which affects SEO.

Other Factors Affecting Your Site

Google is the biggest popular contest. In general terms, more the number of sites which are linked back to your pages of a website, it results in a higher rank in Google search engine. When your website gets more links back that does not mean that you will be found easily. That’s why it has been placed on your website in local directories and Google every time we build a website. For the higher ranking your website needs to be linked back to higher well ranked websites to help you along.

Strategy of Online Traffic

Design of websites is the starting process of website building not end. Creating web design in such a way that your visitors find your company interesting enough to contact. First of all you need to bring visitors to your website, However to achieve it have following different ways.

AIS provides best in class web designing that will be eye catching. AIS doesn’t use themes that are available online. AIS creates themes that are unique for the client and the website stands out in the crowd so that the users are attracted towards the website. We also provide other services for a website like SEO and marketing that will boost your sales and services with a very good looking web design. Contact AIS now for more information.