Web Design is most important part of every website during development. The contribution of factors of video is going to be increase day by day. For that purpose faster high speed internet, improved browser performance, higher bandwidth is required so which aloe web designer to integrate video into their web design. The higher number of free stock video and lower video production costs of video that mean the quality motion content is more access now than before ever. However, Designer has been started now recognize the power video has on viewers. The animation, motion movements are affected to keep audience transfixed more effective than static elements.

By using video in web design is something different than making simple YouTube window appear on web pages. Designers can continuously invent new and creative footage featured techniques with the rise of popularity of video. The video footage in Web Design technique has become powerful tools to generate addiction to websites, impact conversion paths and communicate brand and products.

Here we discuss different key point of popular video embedding techniques for start incorporating your website design.

  • Integrating Big brand video

Web Design by integrating the video footage on website has been used by many brands now, integrating multiple clips. Some of them show depth tutorial of specific products, while others may shows individual lifestyle of brands associated to them. Integrating big brand video footage is great to create high impressive experience to establish an emotional attachment of viewers with products or brands.

Many website is exists now a days for the example of video integration in web design. In which Web Designer integrate high quality video content above fold, but in some websites as visitors scroll down more they see more the videos, and get learn more about the product or thing or about the brands.

  • Welcome Background video

One another most widely used technique is background video with overlaid text of adding little motion to website. Background video may be purely decorative and can communicate with strong elements of company brand. As more original and effective footage is more like by audience and want to more explore your site. With the attractive video footage visitors viral that sites and video to more people by using different media and you become popular more constantly.

Many website that uses perfect and extra ordinary video footage in web design to make more attractive their websites. In this kind of some website initially shows the image and user thinking they are looking fixed images and suddenly video come into web page to show the unique and effective experience.

However, the use of video is effective strategy, but not all content need to be as a video. The animation is used commonly in web design to make effective as want. Drop box is a best example of animation used in web design in place of placing video to web page.

  • Mouse-Over effect

The mouse-over effect as been used from long time in web design. This mouse-over effect has been used for drop down menu, get effect on images and give some animations to website. But nowadays it is used for activating the video by moving the cursor over the video that is included to our website. This technique get focus of visitor’s attention and catch them by surprise playing video without play click and encourage them to continue watching. With previous technique of choosing the video playing by click give option to visitors, as choice of playing video up to them. In Hover effect gives few more second to capture audience interest than making decision to move away.

  • Inspiring Story-Telling

Inspiring Story-telling is another great way to establish emotional attachment with targeted audience and video creates new chances to tell desired story. User comes to your website for products or curiosity, but they may stay and return if the adventure your story takes them on.

  • Product Exploration

One more benefit and use of video footage in web design is user get up close look and explore product in deep. Whereas other video footage in web design, product exploration wins over visitor’s minds. While we combine two techniques that are storytelling and product exploration technique, give extra effective result and encourage visitors and convince them to purchase!