CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a software that helps a business in a lot of ways. CRM can make the flow of your business go smooth and easy so that you can get more work done in less time. CRM can be customized in a lot of ways for your business. You can have custom modules made for the unique business requirements which makes you have more resources free for different tasks. CRM is a tool that is very helpful to make business organized and helps you focus your resources where they are needed.

How CRM can help you organize your business?

  • Know your CRM
    • CRM has a lot of modules and features integrated into it. Take your time to understand them and with the time you will know when to use which feature to make the best out of it.
    • You can assign different roles to different users to get more work done while having to use multiple features at the same time.
    • Always remember with the period of time there are new updates and features added to CRM, so always check the update log to know what has been changed and added.
  • Workflow Automated
    • With CRM integrated into your business, you can get a lot of work done from it rather than getting the work done manually from an employee.
    •  If you have a lot of paperwork done on a daily basis, CRM can do that for you while you can get more work done from the employee on different tasks.
  • Routine with CRM
    • Entering all the details regularly on a daily basis will help you keep your business up-to-date.
    • All the details help in the long term and will show you where you’re lacking.
  • Tasks up-to-date
    • CRM can give you updates for the tasks that are pending so you can get the work done.
    • This helps you to get your business work done on time so you never miss a deadline.
  • Analyze your data
    • With a CRM you can check a lot of reports that will help you take the next step.
    • You can check the flow of money to know where you can make changes and where you can save more.
    • You can track weekly progress to make decisions for the next week.
  • Train your employees
    • You can make your employees use CRM in your daily business so that the workflow is not interrupted.
    • Get updates from the employee from CRM to have smooth communication.
  • Easy data management
    • Have all the details of your customer to serve them better.
    • Makes lead management easy to do.

There are a lot more features to work with CRM in your business. After the features being mentioned, it’s time to let you know the best CRM in the market.

  • SuiteCRM
  • Zoho CRM

There are many CRM available in the market but you will always have to narrow down which suits you the best and your business. SuiteCRM and Zoho CRM are the best in the market with having the basic features integrated into them and more can be customized in them.


SuiteCRM is an open source CRM that is one of the best in the market. SuiteCRM provides all the basic features ready to use. Based on your requirement you can add more features. Custom modules can be built and added. The process of integration is very easy in SuiteCRM that makes it stand out in the crowd. SuiteCRM can be used in any type of business, from small businesses to large enterprises. There is no limitation with it.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has won multiple awards over the years for being the best CRM in the market. Zoho CRM provides a mobile application ready-to-use for your business on-the-go. The features list is endless in Zoho CRM. You can choose anything that suits your business and make the best of it. Zoho has integrated AI that will serve you in your business and make suggestions based on the details that you enter.

AIS (Aarchi Infotech Solution) provides CRM solutions for any business requirements out there. AIS has been serving its clients with the best there is in the market. AIS provides custom development in SuiteCRM and Zoho CRM based on your needs and business requirements. Contact AIS now for your unique business CRM.