This Blog is about the need and advantage of Framework in the web application development world. In the modern world people always look for options like what is good for them and which one can fulfill their needs. At the time of choosing there are so many variations even between two things that create so much confusion. Here we will make the point clear about CMS and framework so that it gives you a clear vision.

Framework is not always necessary but using framework have some significant benefits like it helps you develop faster and better than the original method, It’s better because it has fix structure which is always maintainable and also you can upgrade always, And faster because it saves time of development by just reusing generic modules to focus on other areas so it can save developers time which he can invest in other useful activities.

A framework is generally more comprehensive than a protocol and more prescriptive than a structure, so basically it’s more cost effective than the authentic methods, Frameworks can improve developer’s skill and also quality along with reliability and robustness of new software. The productivity of a Developer is improved by allowing them to focus on the unique requirements of their application instead of spending time on the infrastructure application.

CMS VS Framework

CMS – Content Management System

CMS are very convenient to use over Framework. As the speed of development is accelerated in CMS of a simple website. This is due to the reason CMS has ready-made tools in it. Ready to apply theme and admin panel for the website.

The development done on CMS is fast compared to Framework. The well known platform of CMS is WordPress. CMS can be helpful when you have a deadline to follow and the work needs to be done as fast as possible. 

Advantages of CMS

  • Speed of development
  • Ready to use Theme and Admin panel
  • Development made super easy

Disadvantages of CMS

  • The functions are limited because almost all the things that you need are drag and drop
  • Static development
  • Modules can’t be developed.


Framework is a set of libraries that are add-ons over a language. A framework helps create a web application that is dynamic in nature and is built up from the ground. Framework provides a foundation for which a developer can build all the applications on.

Framework can also be said as a custom code which is user-written that is within a predefined set of rules. Framework enables a developer to develop modules and applications.

Advantages of Framework

  • Lets you develop custom modules for your specialized requirements.
  • It is very flexible.
  • Performance is much better compared to CMS.

Disadvantages of Framework

  • The development done in the framework is complex.
  • No ready-to-use admin panel, needs to be made independently.
  • Takes a lot of time in development.

In the terms of just development, the framework is much better than CMS. You can make a website dynamic using a framework. As all things have ups they also have downs. The catch is all the work done using a framework is complex and all the required modules that you need are to be written and coded. 

In CMS it gives you the ease of development. A lot of tools which are drag and drop on the page you want to work on. It also gives you the benefit of time. All the work can be done fast and easy. There is a catch to it too. CMS does not provide flexibility of development. Custom modules can’t be made.

It’s just re-use of code that has been pre-built and also pre-tested so it increases the reliability of the new application with less effort and also you can also use frameworks to upgrade applications to provide new functions and improved performance without wasting time of programming everything again.

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