Web Design Perth is a dynamic field which has taken a huge evolution ever since the flip of this century. Technologies used for web design have modified and grown over the years and it’s all thanks to the quest to find the right standards in the realm of potential and speed. With many technologies to decide on from these days, you would possibly be left scratching your head on which one is best suited to you. Aarchi Infotech Solutions has the right experience that will help you around these technologies. We have a team of experts who have seen it all, in any case, this information is aimed to award you with refined details and modern web design and development architecture.

There are many technologies out there in the world of designing and development. In some requirements a stand alone is good and some requirements a combination of two or more technologies are used. It depends on what exactly the person wants to get done and what kind of approach needs to be used for that.

Content Management Systems(CMS)

The days are gone when web designers had the need to write every bit of code to get websites up and running. This day, the best route around making a website is to find out a content management system technology and you are smart to go. The best example is WordPress which has got to be the easy and the most popular content management system platform-it powers a quarter of all the live websites in the world. With content management system technology, website design is easily shifted from coding to customization of a given theme. There are lots of free and paid themes to choose from depending on the CMS platform you would like to use. With CMS you can get the option of choosing the platform to use depending on the kind of site that you wish to design. If you are looking to build an e-commerce website for example, then WordPress and Magento will be a great option. There are lots of other CMS systems available today like WordPress, Radiant, Cushy, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Typo3 etc. and many newer are coming every day.


Frameworks is a most important part of technology because creating any attractive website design must be required. There are lots of web frameworks to choose from with the most popular being PHP, Python, ASP and more frameworks. Most of these frameworks adopt a Model View Controller(MVC) architecture that favours fast, easy and secure web design and development with perfect security features. MVC architecture divides web development into three parts like Model, View, and Controller. MVC Provides the best user interface with security, scalability & optimization.

The framework is also developer friendly like development can be transferred from one person to another. There is already a predefined way for development so development becomes more easier compared to CMS technologies.

Security Technologies

Security plays a major part in any website design and development. Any type of web design and development without security fails and destroys their image because many hackers target websites which do not have the right security features. Thus, security is required. The SSL certificate is deployed by Modern Web Communication deploys to encrypt data flow between the browser and the server.


A Database is a place where all your data is stored that comes and goes from the server to the website/application. On passing a query there is action done from the server on the database. There are mainly two types of database

  • SQL- Structured Query Language provides a structured database, this helps to make sure that the data is correct and validated.
  • NoSQL- Not Only SQL is a database that provides a great amount of flexibility so that you can building and maintaining applications

Software for Web Server

While developing a website you also need to make sure that it is done for the right web server software. You can choose your web server based on your development or the other way around that depends on you. This helps you to deliver your website to the end user. The software here is the mediator between the server operating system and the other technologies of the websites. There are two servers in the market that have their dominance in this field Apache (Linux) and IIS (Microsoft).

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